1. Yin Yang Blues

From the recording Someday When Things Are Good

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Yin Yang Blues

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Well, I’ve been up, I’ve been down
Lordy, I’ve been kicked around
But I have no intention of giving in
If you look into these eyes
You’ll see a man who has survived
And lived 9 lives,
These eyes will tell where I’ve been

When I was young I didn't care
And to dream, I did not dare
I was prepared to never get nowhere at all
And now I’m older barely wise
But I have learned to compromise
I must accept the world around me lest I fall

Seen too many days where the sun don’t shine
Getting awful dark in this heart of mine
But I can always start your day again
Love is like a rose everybody knows
You give a little water and you watch it grow
The gift that keeps on giving, yes it is
Yes it is

Yes, I’ve been North, I’ve been South
Upside down and inside out
Yes, I’ve been places – never seen the light of day
I’ve been hot, I’ve been cold
If you look into my soul
You might get a little glimpse of everything

Good and bad, happy sad
I get anxious I get mad
And I can be a little lonesome time to time

I’ve been high, I’ve been low
Places I never wished to go
Yes, I’m surprised I’m still alive
It blows my mind!